Don’t make our mistakes.

Marry now with the little you have.. Don’t wait to be a millionaire, have kids early so u can grow with them.

At my age I don’t have kids yet.

Greatest regret mhen!

Grow with your kids and succeed with your wife Dem nor dey make money finish” you might still not succeed at your target year.

So start your life early.

With consistency you will grow.

When I was 22 I was talking about making billions before I marry..

Many years later billions didn’t show up

No kid no wife.

I had an opportunity to marry the love of my life when I was 23.. (Graduation year. )

But I was like Wetin I go give her eat right She’s married now She had two kids now.

All grown!

The guy that married her was still schooling then and they worked on their success together.

I failed!

So Pls If u can feed your self, you can feed your wife. You have to believe it..

Marry early!

Don’t wait, don’t make our mistakes.

I see my childhood friends play with their kids and most of them are not doing as well as me..

But they are happier..

Trust me it isn’t money but rather your happiness depends entirely on your wisdom.

You can be poor and comfortable.

With a well planned life they are happier..
Trust me it isn’t money

What was my problem,

Build mansion,
Buy Rolls Royce,
Worth billions of dollars

And of course the years I wasted, I can never have them back

I truly meant it when I said am going to the altar this year by God’s grace (November or December by his grace)

Means I’m getting her down

Enough of being a BEST MAN.
Best over 5 people last year (one in the pics below :D)

I can’t be 60yrs old and my kids will still be in their early 20’s..

What am I supposed to be.

Their grand father?

Please young men,take my advice seriously.

Let your 1naira speak for you…

Settle down early..

God can change your life in a blink and with a good wife by your side, you will succeed easily (than you’re doing before)

Say to yourself

I can make it!!!