Hello, move on.

Did you just lose a business deal? Move on
You just lost a contract you have spent so much energy on? Move on
Did you just lose some money? Move on
Your grandma just died? Hey! Move on
You lost your dad who is the bread winner of the house and you think all hope is lost? Just move on.
Did your friends just leave you without saying goodbye and won’t come back no matter how much you try? Well, move on!
Did you just lose that baby again? Move on
What about your semester result.. Bad? Move on
You see the world is moving so fast you can’t afford to be stuck at a situation for so long. So many opportunities lie before us but sometimes we keep our eyes on closed door therefore preventing us from seeing those new doors opened unto us. Whatever the situation is right now.. Just Move on. Mind you, be sure that situation ain’t worth your staying anymore…